I did a google search to see if there were examples of what the hairstyles would look like for the new Pokemon game and found that most examples online are on the light skinned protagonist. I thought I’d provide some pics of the hair colors and styles on the tan skinned protagonist for reference :).

Also find the eye and lip colors at my post here.

I got to the first city and literally stopped my progress on the game because of the first clothing store and hair salon xD. #girlgamerpriorities


So here we go! First of all, here is every hair style available:
(FYI, you can’t wear hats with the romantic tuck or cornrows but you can wear accessories)

And for each hair style you can choose one of three styles of bangs:

And lastly, all the colors:

I hope this is helpful to anyone else who has been searching for reference pictures! Apologies for the potato quality but I took it through my phone’s camera, lol. I still figured a reference was better than no reference.

Edits: A new hairstyle and new colors open up after you beat the Elite Four. Here they are!