Welcome to Boba and Games, a blog about two of my favorite things: boba tea and video games!

Professionally, I am a Ph.D research scientist now working in the field of clinical research. Since I had a ton of free time while I was unemployed, I thought I would work on my blogging skills. When I was trying to think of something I’d like to blog about, I decided to start with these two topics since I’ve loved both things for so long :). I’ve been drinking boba tea and playing video games since I was a child. My first video game ever was Contra on the NES, and I think my first boba was made with Hong Kong-style milk tea. Everything else…is history, as they say.

In terms of video games, I play all sorts of genres. However, I think that the female gamer base is underrepresented, so it would be more interesting to cover the games that appeal to us. Otome games are just gaining traction in the United States, which is great news to someone like me who has been a long time fan of games with a dating sim aspect to them (e.g., Harvest Moon, Persona, Fire Emblem). With more releases to look forward to, I think that the future bodes well!

I’m writing mostly for myself, but I also hope to reach out to others with similar interests, or those who might be just curious. Whether you are a boba connoisseur or an avid gamer, I hope that these blog posts are fun to read or that they pique a new interest!