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World of Final Fantasy: Final Impressions

As if part one and part two weren’t enough, here’s a third entry for this game because it’s the best Final Fantasy I’ve played since old school Final Fantasy. Mild spoiler screenshots from the late part of the game, but no story spoilers.

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Persona 5 Take Your Heart Edition Stripping…I mean unboxing

Watch me strip my limited edition Persona 5 naked ;).

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My 2016 Games List

Well it looks like 2016 is officially coming to an end. All craziness in life aside, I decided to look back on the games I played this year and compile a list of best, worst, and everything in between. Continue reading “My 2016 Games List”

The Last Guardian: First Impressions

Must love dogbirds.

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Final Fantasy XV: First Impressions

Well, it’s not bad. I would actually say it’s quite good. Just don’t go into this expecting the usual Final Fantasy experience. It’s definitely more action than RPG.

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World of Final Fantasy: Second Impressions

I like this game enough to give it a second mention. Here are some extra screenshots of characters, moments, jokes, and other things I’ve loved so far ^_^. Tried to keep it spoiler free, unless you don’t want to know specifically what characters show up in the game. Lots of characters do appear!

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World of Final Fantasy: First Impressions

Final Fantasy and Disney gave birth to a baby called Kingdom Hearts. And then if Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy had another baby…that would be World of Final Fantasy.

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Journey is beautiful no matter how many times I play it

I revisited the world of Journey on my PS4 yesterday because I wanted to see if there were any differences from the PS3 version, and because it’s been a little while since I last played it. TL;DR: I think it runs slightly smoother and looks slightly clearer (these screenshots don’t do it justice) on the PS4, but it was already gorgeous on the PS3 so…

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Happy Thanksgiving! A Day to be Thankful for Games

A lot of us will sometimes make the not-so-wise decision to overindulge in a video game that has caught our interest. When I was younger, I frequently got in trouble for playing 10-hour marathons of video games in the summer when school was out. As I got older and matured, I started exercising self-discipline when I purchased and played new games. These days, I even use video games to motivate me to do work that I would otherwise never get around to :).

So since it’s Thanksgiving and all, I just wanted to reflect on some games that have “been there for me” when I was going through hard times in my life. Some I used like described above–as motivators to do work–and others really picked me up emotionally when I was down on my luck or when I was lonely after moving to a new place. Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving! A Day to be Thankful for Games”

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