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Pokemon Bonsai Garden

I haven’t posted something craftsy in a while so here it is :). Really simple–all I did was re-pot a bonsai tree I found into something that was wider and added Pokemon.

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Pokemon Moon: Mid-Game Review

I just beat the Elite Four so I thought I’d take a break in my adventure to review what I liked and what I was disappointed about in the game so far. Spoiler free until LARGE SPOILER TAG, after which there will be spoilers.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Eye and Lip Colors on Tan Skin

I’ve spent way too much time customizing my character.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Female Hairstyles on Tan Skin

I did a google search to see if there were examples of what the hairstyles would look like for the new Pokemon game and found that most examples online are on the light skinned protagonist. I thought I’d provide some pics of the hair colors and styles on the tan skinned protagonist for reference :).

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Pokemon 20th Anniversary Legendary Event

In case you guys haven’t seen this yet, Pokemon is giving away one legendary Pokemon per month for the year of 2016 to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

I went to pick up the first Mew I’ve ever had today :D.

Fire Emblem tomorrow! I AM SO EXCITED.

My Halloween Pumpkin

This is late, but I wanted to share my Halloween pumpkin carving that I made this year :D. I had one trick-or-treater that recognized it. Glad to see the first generation isn’t lost on the young ones these days :).

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