If you’ve searched “otome games” in the mobile app store, you’ve probably run across multiple free “games” by Koyonplete. They are not actually games–instead, they’re cell phone novels that you can either pay to read or read for free by earning “jewels” every day.

I’ve read…more of these than I’d like to admit. I haven’t gotten incredibly far in all of them, but I’ve at least tried most of them and can give you a run down on what to start with if you’re interested.

If pretty art is your thing…


Read Endless Love. It’s about a chance encounter between a single working woman and a rich guy who only has a year left before he will be married to the fiancee he barely knows. He asks her if she’d be willing to date him until then so that he can experience his last relationship by choice, and she eventually agrees. They end up falling pretty deeply in love with each other.

This particular novel (unlike the others) has a CG art in every chapter that serves as the mysterious partly veiled background until you get to the point in the chapter that it is shown. The art is all quite gorgeous, so if this is important to you then this story might be your pick.

If you like student (female) teacher (male) relationships…


Then Devil in My Arms might be your thing. The student protagonist goes out with her girl friend and decides to be crazy for once in her life. She ends up going home with the hot guy at the bar and finds out the next day that he’s actually her professor for that semester. Then they continue to bang ;).

Note also that the girl in this story explicitly cheats on her boyfriend throughout. If that bothers you, you might wanna steer clear.

If you like student (male) teacher (female) relationships…


Then try Forbidden School Love Triangle. The student is the student president because of his charisma, and he bullies the professor by convincing the students not to attend her class. However, it turns out that he’s actually a huge tsundere who doesn’t know how to be nice to the girl that he likes :D.

There’s also the student vice president that I think may form a love triangle, but I haven’t gotten that far, yet…

If you like voice acting and a supernatural twist…


The only ones I’ve played with voice acting so far have been The Seal of Lycoris series. It’s split into 3 routes, which are all separate downloads from the app store. I didn’t really get into the story, so I ended up dropping this one, but the production quality was significantly higher than the other games I’ve played. The background images change constantly, the characters actually have expressions, and all the main guys are voiced.

If you like smut…


Well, they all have smut. But if you want SMUT then you should definitely go with Man with a Pearl Earring. Some of those scenes have even me blushing, and that doesn’t happen often. The story is about the protagonist who hires a man to be her model for her art class. He agrees, but he asks that the painting include him wearing the pearl earring that he kept from his deceased wife. While painting him, she gets the total hots for him, and eventually she can’t keep her hormones in check anymore, so they bang and bang and bang ;).

Note that this one also involves a girl who is cheating on her boyfriend, but it seems that it wasn’t a very serious relationship… Even so, it’s still cheating and might offend some people.

If you want a romance between unrelated siblings…


Then go with Lured Into Your Trap, which I have a detailed review for here.

If you want a romance with the sibling of your ex…


Then go with My Ex’s Brother – May I love you. I have a detailed review here.

If you want a game with choices…


Try playing Alice: Love & Labyrinth. I actually didn’t realize it was Koyonplete until I looked at their website and found it there, since Alice plays a bit more like an otome game. It’s pretty much based on Alice in Wonderland, so I didn’t find anything incredibly original about this game. However, I rage-quit because the text was too hard to read >_>.

If you want a game that’s…violent? …and it has nice music!


Go for Devil Beside Me. However, it is a direct sequel to Devil in My Arms, so there are a few minor (major?) spoilers. I’m reading them both at the same time, and I’m not bothered (I have a special hate category for spoilers).

In this game, both the protagonist and the guy have been down on their luck in life, and they think that the world is a terrible place. It seems that through each other they are finding the ability to trust again, but they do start out at each other’s throats. There is a threat of rape in one scene, but it doesn’t play out, so do beware.


That’s most of what has been released in English so far. I may be back with an update later if they decide to translate more stories :). Or, you know, maybe not, because it’s super embarrassing to admit that I read these things xD.

Last thing to note: since I updated to the newest iOS, i have to close these apps daily to get them to let me spin for jewels. Otherwise it seems to not acknowledge that a day has passed.

Disclaimer: All the images on this page belong to Koyonplete and their respective artists. I obviously did not create them myself, so I don’t deserve credit for them.