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February 2016

Tips for playing Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I was super excited for this release. I’ve spent 4 days on Conquest so far, and this entry is seriously challenging! Here are some tips I’ve discovered so far along the way for new and old Fire Emblem players alike.

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Pokemon 20th Anniversary Legendary Event

In case you guys haven’t seen this yet, Pokemon is giving away one legendary Pokemon per month for the year of 2016 to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

I went to pick up the first Mew I’ve ever had today :D.

Fire Emblem tomorrow! I AM SO EXCITED.

It’s been kinda empty here…

I haven’t really been buying any new games because I’ve been at a lack of income for the past few months, and my budget got tight enough that I had to stop indulging in this particular hobby :'(. However, I have good news–I recently got a job offer, so I’ll be starting work at the end of this month :D! Yay!

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