Starting up a new casual blog series where I get to talk about anything and everything! This entry’s theme is about moments in gaming that literally changed the way I play games.

Hi everyone! I thought I would start a casual blogging series where I literally talk about anything I want to without particular attention to quality or fitting any format, or even making it look pretty. The goal is really just to get my writing flowing again by taking away some of the things that stop me from writing–formatting blog posts (I don’t even have a proper image for this series yet), hiding spoilers, sticking to a review format, etc. So without further ado, here’s the first entry.

I was thinking about random games that I’ve played last night and realized there were a few moments in gaming that literally changed the way I approach games. So here they are, until I run out of ones that I can think of:

Link’s Awakening

Do you guys remember that moment where you could steal from the shop in Link’s Awakening if the shopkeeper’s back was turned? And then the next time you came to town you were treated as a criminal, and these pictures were posted around town?


People talk about opening treasure chests inside people’s homes in Zelda all the time. They also talk about breaking pots inside homes all the time. I think there was a moment in the series where someone complains about Link breaking their pots, but I forget when it happened. Either way, you don’t see me trying to steal from treasure chests inside someone’s home anymore, or breaking their pots… I was traumatized as a child thinking that I did something as terrible as stealing, and having the guards come after me. UGH.

Metal Gear Solid 3


Yeah, this part. Obvious spoilers for the game if you haven’t played it.

So I used to be pretty bad at these espionage games when I was younger, and I always accidentally got caught and triggered all the alarms as I played it (lol). This usually resulted in me hiding around some corner and exploiting the mechanic where Snake choke grabs the person coming by and then either chokes them to death or cuts their neck open. In this game I cut many necks open.


This walk was embarrassingly long for me, and from this point on I haven’t killed a single soul in Metal Gear Solid. It took a while, but eventually I got good at sneaking around and using that tranq gun efficiently. I even started putting bosses down with the tranq kill rather than the actual kill. Just in case.



In my first playthrough of Undertale, I made the common mistake(?) many other players made.

I killed Toriel.

Not that I wanted to. I literally spammed all the other options hoping there was some way out of the fight. But apparently I wasn’t persistent enough, and I thought maybe there would be a trigger when she got to lower HP that would stop the fight. But then the game throws a curve ball at you and you get a critical hit out of nowhere…

I was so stunned after the fight ended I saved the game and closed it. Then I was like this for most of the night.


I kept playing through it, but I thought about it and eventually decided to look up if there was a way to avoid killing her. Of course there is, but that never erased the guilt that I had followed the typical RPG mechanic and thought there was only one way to progress through this story. I didn’t kill anyone else in that initial run-through because it was so traumatizing, but I couldn’t take the decision back… Anyway, another traumatic moment that makes me reevaluate things in games before I make a decision.