As if part one and part two weren’t enough, here’s a third entry for this game because it’s the best Final Fantasy I’ve played since old school Final Fantasy. Mild spoiler screenshots from the late part of the game, but no story spoilers.

Following up on my Casual Corner blog post, this game surprised me with enough playtime left to take up my entire trip to Denmark and back. I have finally finished this game at about 39 hours.

Holy crap! This game is so good. Nothing this cute has any business being as deep as it gets! I was not prepared for the sudden feelings I had at the end of the game T_T. I may have rubbed away some tears as I was sitting on the plane next to a random stranger. And then the ending was so freaking adorable. I was squealing about how cute the entire dance/song sequence was (see feature image). This is like when Kingdom Hearts fooled me with its innocent exterior and then BAM! Story happens.

As the final credits say, this game is for all fans of Final Fantasy.

I can’t say enough good things about this game. I bought it because it was relatively inexpensive (on the Vita) and cute enough that I was curious to see what they would do with it. Plus all the nostalgic Final Fantasy characters were so adorable. And then you end up with some epic (yet super cute) lineups Child-Me dreamed about like below:


Squall, Cloud, Tidus, and Lightning? Yes, please.


Yuna, Eiko, Rydia, and Terra? The most epic of summoning circles.

Speaking of summons, I grabbed the developers’ descriptions of the main ones you get since I adore the way they write self-aware and pun-filled summaries. There are a few more Espers, but you have to jump through some difficult hoops to acquire them! Very old school Final Fantasy :).

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The only real complaint I had about the game is the final boss. Without any major spoilers, his mechanic reminds me of the final boss from FFIX, with that one supermove that gave your party a set of random status changes. Depending on what you get…your party could get wiped in one round. I ended up resorting to cheese strats after losing twice.

Anyway, if you haven’t picked it up yet, and you love Final Fantasy, you’reย seriously missing out. Also, don’t be fooled by the cheery, seemingly pointless start to the story. I was surprised to find out that ultimately it has everything I loved about old school Final Fantasy: a creative battle (job replacement) system, good story, great humor, characters you come to love and adore, side quests galore, and the feeling that you’reย really defying fate like so:


Goodbye World of Final Fantasy. You’ll go on my list of unexpectedly satisfying day one purchases. So underappreciated. So good.


I’m really,ย really, really going to miss Tama.