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Nintendo Switch Review: Gaming on the Go

It’s not without its faults, but the switch is absolutely perfect for fellow adults like me who grew up on Nintendo but are frequently on the road due to work.

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DX Racer Formula Series Review

I bought one of these bad boys a few weeks ago and thought I’d write a quick review on it. Overall positive!

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Game Review: Norn 9 (Part 1)

I picked up Norn9 about a month ago and have been playing an hour of it about every night. There are so many routes in this game that I decided I ought to just split my review blog posts so that I can get to them before I forget about a route entirely ^_^;.

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Boba Review: BAMBU Desserts & Drinks

Bambu has multiple locations in the DFW area, and it offers one of the wider selections of drinks out of the various boba establishments. It is definitely a Vietnamese bubble tea chain, and half of its menu includes Vietnamese desserts! That also means that all the coffee options here are amazing. Continue reading “Boba Review: BAMBU Desserts & Drinks”

Boba Review: bobaLand

Bobaland (stylized bobaLand) is one of the more new-age boba shops in town. It seems to be a popular place for students to hang out after school, and it offers free wi-fi. It has some of your usual bubble tea flavors: black tea, jasmine tea, and coffee. However, it specializes in having unique, one-of-a-kind drinks that are actually pretty good! Continue reading “Boba Review: bobaLand”

Boba Review: Champion Snack

Starting off my first review with one of my favorite boba shops: Champion Snack. Continue reading “Boba Review: Champion Snack”

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