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Boba Review: Fruitealicious

Long overdue since I come here nearly every time I go to Ranch 99, but one of my regular spots in the DFW area :).

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Boba Review: Boba Latte

I moved at the end of February, so you know what that means–new home, new boba to check out! This one is kind of cheating since it’s between where I was staying last and where I moved to now, but it’s still good :).

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Boba Review: Tasty Cup

Tasty Cup is a new boba shop that opened up in the same plaza as Champion Snack (now closed 😥 ). I came here after being disappointed by Champion Snack’s closure, so it had some big shoes to fill.
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Boba Review: Cassis Exotic Drinks & Tea

Cassis has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, it just hasn’t kept up with the competitors in its area. Continue reading “Boba Review: Cassis Exotic Drinks & Tea”

Boba Review: Java Land

This new store called Java Land opened up right next to the old school establishment Tapioca House in Richardson. I’d heard from my friends that it was the “cooler, newer” place to hang out, but I hadn’t decided to stop in until this evening. I’m happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their drinks! Continue reading “Boba Review: Java Land”

Boba Review: Tapioca House

Tapioca House. I’d be surprised if you’re a boba fan in Texas and you haven’t heard of them. They were one of the original bubble tea locations that popped up in the DFW metroplex before 2006, and their longevity in the area speaks to the quality of the drinks they produce.  Continue reading “Boba Review: Tapioca House”

Boba Review: BAMBU Desserts & Drinks

Bambu has multiple locations in the DFW area, and it offers one of the wider selections of drinks out of the various boba establishments. It is definitely a Vietnamese bubble tea chain, and half of its menu includes Vietnamese desserts! That also means that all the coffee options here are amazing. Continue reading “Boba Review: BAMBU Desserts & Drinks”

Boba Review: bobaLand

Bobaland (stylized bobaLand) is one of the more new-age boba shops in town. It seems to be a popular place for students to hang out after school, and it offers free wi-fi. It has some of your usual bubble tea flavors: black tea, jasmine tea, and coffee. However, it specializes in having unique, one-of-a-kind drinks that are actually pretty good! Continue reading “Boba Review: bobaLand”

Boba Review: Champion Snack

Starting off my first review with one of my favorite boba shops: Champion Snack. Continue reading “Boba Review: Champion Snack”

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