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Boba and Games: Casual Corner 1

Starting up a new casual blog series where I get to talk about anything and everything! This entry’s theme is about moments in gaming that literally changed the way I play games.

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My Terrible Experience with GameStop Pt. 2

I’m so beyond words for all of this now. I’m at 1.5 months past when they initially took my $600 for a Nintendo Switch, resold it to someone else, and began coming up with excuses and “policies” as to why they could not process a refund.

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Persona 5 Take Your Heart Edition Stripping…I mean unboxing

Watch me strip my limited edition Persona 5 naked ;).

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My terrible experience with GameStop customer service

I think I am out of $600 and counting for who knows how long… (Beware rant within.)

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Save the Animals, Kill the Animals

Awesome Games Done Quick is on this week! It’s one of my favorite Twitch events of the year. Game speedrunners get together to breeze through our favorite games 24/7, read out donation comments, showcase glitches, and sing Disney songs during the Kingdom Hearts run :).

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My 2016 Games List

Well it looks like 2016 is officially coming to an end. All craziness in life aside, I decided to look back on the games I played this year and compile a list of best, worst, and everything in between. Continue reading “My 2016 Games List”

Incredible Fan-made Majora’s Mask Trailer

I saw this show up on my Facebook feed and am in awe.

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The Big House 6

Speaking of Esports, there’s a big Smash tournament going on this weekend too.

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League of Legends World Championship

Worlds is going on! Tune in on Twitch at

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