I’m getting ready for a trip (vacation!) to Denmark to meet up with some of my grad school friends °(ᴖ◡ᴖ)°. Which game should I take with me?

The last time I went traveling abroad for vacation, I took Persona 4 Golden with me and it was AMAZING. I partly did it because I knew it would be a single many-hour commitment so I didn’t have to bring other cartridges with me. The other part, I admit, is because I didn’t have the patience to get into it before and I wanted to trap myself into a situation (i.e. airplane) where I couldn’t move from my seat for hours and would have the opportunity to sink deeply into a game. And thus one of my most intense video game loves was born.

The other advantage from that situation was the fact that I was without wifi for most of the trip and thus could not look up a single spoiler/FAQ/etc. along the way. I somehow managed to mimic the best experience situation where I play an amazing game without spoilers and without really knowing much about it, even though it had been out for quite a while. The game was also on my Vita, which has the best battery life out of any portable system in my opinion. As a RPG, it’s easy to pause if I have to get up and stretch or while I close my eyes and try not to get sick from turbulence (>_<). It was a super travel-friendly game.

So as I deliberate my current choices, these are what I have in my possession, haven’t played, and probably should play:

Trails in the Skytrailsinthesky-1313771692


Trails of Cold Steelblog_legendofheroes_1280x788_001a

(Finish playing) World of Final Fantasyworld_of_final_fantasy_characters_and_mega_mirage_summons

As of right now, I’m leaning pretty strongly towards finishing World of Final Fantasy and then playing Trails in the Sky. I’ve played about the first 30 minutes of each of the games above and then just never picked it up again due to lack of enough interest and time. They will probably all come with me, but I’ll only really have time to dive into one…so which one??