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Pokemon Sun and Moon Eye and Lip Colors on Tan Skin

I’ve spent way too much time customizing my character.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Female Hairstyles on Tan Skin

I did a google search to see if there were examples of what the hairstyles would look like for the new Pokemon game and found that most examples online are on the light skinned protagonist. I thought I’d provide some pics of the hair colors and styles on the tan skinned protagonist for reference :).

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Midnight Cinderella Walkthrough: Nico Meier

Hooray Midnight Cinderella Nico’s route just came out ^_^. If all goes well with the end of Alyn’s route (which I’m doing now), I should be able to start it tomorrow. I have high expectations for our (shotacon?) butler. Much kawaii. Hopefully a secret sex god :D?

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I went looking for a walkthrough in Japanese since there isn’t an English one yet, and I found one! I’m mainly posting this here for my reference and hopefully any others who may be looking for a guide. I’ll fill in the English answers as I get to the scenes :). Continue reading “Midnight Cinderella Walkthrough: Nico Meier”

Metal Gear Solid 5: Where to find the Transportation Specialist in Mission 10

In case anyone else wanted to upgrade their fulton extraction kit to cargo 2 (for extracting vehicles and containers) as soon as possible in MGS5. You need a transportation specialist, which you can find earliest in mission 10. As you might suspect, you need to save the two prisoners, one of whom is the transportation specialist you are looking for, at the very beginning of the mission before they are executed. Sneak in there as quickly as possible via the left side of the structure, save them, and get out!

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