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September 2015

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Disco Fever Limited Edition Unboxing!

I love me some Persona! To me, the series is a lot like Kingdom Hearts–you can put out the most ridiculous spin-off titles, and I’ll still throw money at it. That’s how much I love these characters. As excited as I am about Persona 5, I still don’t want to see the end of the Persona 3 & 4 era. Continue reading “Persona 4: Dancing All Night Disco Fever Limited Edition Unboxing!”


Game Review: Shall We Date? Blood in Roses+

Shall We Date? Blood in Roses+ <– Yup, that’s the full title. It’s a mobile otome game by NTT Solmare Corp. that is built on the free to download and play model, but pay more and we’ll give you more sexy vampire lady porn romance scenes!

It’s not amazing, but it’s not bad, either. At the hard-to-pass-up cost of Free, you can’t really go wrong. Continue reading “Game Review: Shall We Date? Blood in Roses+”

Awesome Video Game Music Covers

If there’s one thing that really sticks with me beyond playing through a video game, it’s the music. I frequently listen to bgms and fan-made renditions of bgms from various games I like. There’s just something magical about hearing those tunes and being mentally transported back to the age and times you spent playing those games :).

I just wanted to talk about some of the soundtracks I love most and share the music with you all! Not much makes me happier than discovering some beautiful fan-made tunes from the games I love, so I’d love it if you guys have more to share with me :D. Continue reading “Awesome Video Game Music Covers”

Weekly Reader Digest 9/19-9/25

Here are some posts I found in my reader and liked this week. Continue reading “Weekly Reader Digest 9/19-9/25”

Boba Review: Tapioca House

Tapioca House. I’d be surprised if you’re a boba fan in Texas and you haven’t heard of them. They were one of the original bubble tea locations that popped up in the DFW metroplex before 2006, and their longevity in the area speaks to the quality of the drinks they produce.  Continue reading “Boba Review: Tapioca House”

New Persona 5 Trailer and 2016 Release Date

Persona 5 has been delayed to 2016 *cries*, but it’s okay because I trust you, Atlus. And I can wait longer because I’m sure that this title will be absolutely amazing. (Also, I’m still unemployed so that gives me longer to find an adequate income…)

So from my limited understanding of Japanese, here’s what I’m picking out from the trailer: Continue reading “New Persona 5 Trailer and 2016 Release Date”

Midnight Cinderella Walkthrough: Nico Meier

Hooray Midnight Cinderella Nico’s route just came out ^_^. If all goes well with the end of Alyn’s route (which I’m doing now), I should be able to start it tomorrow. I have high expectations for our (shotacon?) butler. Much kawaii. Hopefully a secret sex god :D?

Friend my player ID 79zeBXhQ for free bells!

I went looking for a walkthrough in Japanese since there isn’t an English one yet, and I found one! I’m mainly posting this here for my reference and hopefully any others who may be looking for a guide. I’ll fill in the English answers as I get to the scenes :). Continue reading “Midnight Cinderella Walkthrough: Nico Meier”

Life of a Gamer Girl

Cringe. Life of a Gamer Girl. What does it even matter that I’m a girl? It shouldn’t matter. And yet it does.

Like many of my fellow gamers, I started playing games when I was really young. The story, as my dad tells it, is that my mom needed to go back to Vietnam for a week to visit her mother in the hospital. Apparently, to distract me and keep my 4-year-old self from crying the entire time, he got me to play games with him (my dad is not a gamer). My first game ever was Contra. I was always the orange character. And yes, I learned the Konami code when I was 4. Continue reading “Life of a Gamer Girl”

Metal Gear Solid 5: Where to find the Transportation Specialist in Mission 10

In case anyone else wanted to upgrade their fulton extraction kit to cargo 2 (for extracting vehicles and containers) as soon as possible in MGS5. You need a transportation specialist, which you can find earliest in mission 10. As you might suspect, you need to save the two prisoners, one of whom is the transportation specialist you are looking for, at the very beginning of the mission before they are executed. Sneak in there as quickly as possible via the left side of the structure, save them, and get out!

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