Here’s a wrap-up of my favorite Persona 5 songs from the game. As always, Shoji Meguro totally nailed it, and this soundtrack was awesome! (Spoiler-free)

First of all, the awesome intro theme that we knew about from way back when trailers released:

The pumped up theme when you enter the last day of a dungeon:

Favorite shop music:

That bass line though.

Favorite dungeon music because of all the feels:

<3. I always felt like the previous games had dungeons that progressively got more memorable throughout the game, but in Persona 5 I would definitely say that this was the dungeon I’ll remember most.

A very close second because it was so catchy:

So we roll the dice, see where they may fall~
Come on 😉
Why don’t we spin the wheel, see whom it may call~

I definitely caught myself singing this on more than one occasion

This kickass boss battle music:

I particularly love the buildup from 0:52 to the height of the theme at 1:11, with all the party members shouting “Persona!” as you fight in the game :D. So epic.

The one that pulls the heartstrings:

Because it’ll hit the nostalgia chord really hard in a year or two 😦

My favorite around town music–the version that plays on a rainy night:

It makes a great rainy workday song too.

It’s no “Never More” but of course the ending credits:

Because it’s a great song to sink into your couch and reminisce about the last 95:17 game hours of your life to (not counting resets).

And lastly (may choose not to click if you want to preserve the magic of the moment until you get there):

Because I cried like a baby ( ͒˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ ͒). Don’t read the comments on this youtube video because they are borderline spoiler.

Obviously I couldn’t really put the entire list up, so what are your favorites from the game? Also, I can’t WAIT for piano/concert/etc. covers of these songs to come out!