I’m so beyond words for all of this now. I’m at 1.5 months past when they initially took my $600 for a Nintendo Switch, resold it to someone else, and began coming up with excuses and “policies” as to why they could not process a refund.

For those of you that didn’t see part one, go here. Updated on 5/5/17: After such a long time, they have finally issued my refund.

These are the things I have learned about GameStop from this entire experience.

#1: The story conveniently changes every time

It was about a month and a half ago now that I initially called to say that I had missed the attempted delivery of my Nintendo Switch and wanted it redelivered, only to find out that it could not be sent back and I would be “receiving a refund” because they had already reallocated it to someone else. I already felt like that wasn’t fair, but if that was what had happened I was fine with receiving a refund and buying my Switch from a different source.

Two weeks after that, I called to ask why I hadn’t gotten my money back yet, and they said it was because they were “contractually” obligated to send all pieces of the bundle, and the sale wasn’t considered complete until all parts had been attempted. When I said it made no sense to send me peripherals if I didn’t receive the original console and I wanted to cancel those parts, they said “by contract” they had to attempt delivery of all parts, and they could not refund pieces of the bundle separately.

Fast forward a month (because that’s how long it took to send the last piece) and I’m returning the last item to the store. The store employees call GameStop.com and the employee on the phone says I will be receiving my refund for the bundle in 2-3 days. The store employee doesn’t know what to do with the last item because it hasn’t been released for individual sale yet so tells me to hold onto it.

Fast forward a week, when I haven’t received a refund yet. Apparently the guy on the phone last time never processed the refund despite saying he did, and the guy this time processes the refund. However, he also says he will only refund the parts that have returned and not the final item that I still have because they are separate packages. So then I have to drive home to pick up the final piece and bring it back to be processed separately.

That’s convenient. Before they couldn’t refund things separately and now they can’t refund the entire bundle at the same time, which leads me to point #2 and #3:

#2: They are liars

#3: They don’t want to give me my refund

So there are two problems here. One, they changed the story because they simply don’t want to process a refund on $600 (more like $650 total after tax). Two, they lied about processing my refund last week and clearly didn’t even attempt to. The manager on the phone this week said he saw some notes but there was no refund issued at all.

Then there’s the second issue here. Because I have been lied to and the story has changed every time, I asked for a receipt or some sort of confirmation letter to show that the return had been processed. They said they could not provide one, but I should feel reassured because it was a manager on the phone processing it this time. I think we’re WAY past feeling reassured now, considering how I have none of this story in writing and they have lied to me on multiple occasions. I’m not stupid. So here is point #4:

#4: They refuse to provide any written evidence

This is smart on their part because if I ever consider taking them to court (not that I have the financial means to), I would have no evidence to present. However, that’s pretty shitty customer service and shady as fuck in my opinion. Who doesn’t give you a receipt when they provide a refund, or I guess in this case, don’t provide a refund while telling you that they do?

And here’s the real kicker:

#5: They effectively stole my Nintendo Switch

They resold my Switch without processing my refund. I want to know if this is illegal. Technically, that Switch probably was and still is my property until I receive my money back. This is effectively no different than if I had received my Switch, and someone had broken into my apartment to steal it and resell it. Even if they are just following store policies, at what point do you realize that you’re robbing a customer of their money and feel like what you’re doing is ethically wrong? $600 is a LOT of money to not have for an extended period of time. If this were $20 okay sure fine no big deal, but $600 is basically enough to feed a family for a month.

Anyway, sorry for the extended rant but I am so apalled by this exceptionally bad customer service/business policy that I felt like I needed to vent. You can believe I will never ever deal with GameStop again. I used to feel bad for them being run out of business in this digital age but maybe they deserve it.