It’s not without its faults, but the switch is absolutely perfect for fellow adults like me who grew up on Nintendo but are frequently on the road due to work.

As you may know from my previous blog post, I am now frequently out and about due to my new job. That means that portability is a huge factor in my purchasing decisions these days. It makes a difference to be able to fold something up and take it with me so that I can play it whenever I want rather than only when I can sit on my couch at home. The hours I can spend doing that are very limited now.

On the other hand, Nintendo seems to have completely read my mind and the minds of fellow adults like me who grew up on Nintendo consoles but now have busy lives on the road. The best times to play games for me now are when I am on the plane or winding down at the end of the day in bed, but I could also imagine the commute to and from work being an equally great opportunity for portable gaming.

Took this picture on my last flight. I feel like this is the epitome picture of Nintendo Switch on the road.

So the Nintendo Switch for me is the right console at the right time. Obviously, Breath of the Wild is a fantastic game and absolutely gorgeous, but it was also released for the Wii U so I wouldn’t say it alone is enough to justify a purchase *right now* if you already have a Wii U. The line up does look fantastic, including Splatoon 2 and Mario, among other games, so that may change within a year’s time.

Via reddit.

One complaint I have about the system is that I seem to have picked up a console with the left joycon issue that Nintendo seems to have chalked up to being a manufacturing variability. Whatever you want to believe, it looks like they’re at least willing to provide replacements free of charge with “fast turnaround.” I have some time next weekend to send mine out so I will let you all know what that “fast turnaround” actually means.

The other complaint I have about it has to do with comfort. Somehow the Wii U gamepad turned out to be one of the most ergonomic, light, comfortable controllers I ever held. The Nintendo Switch in portable mode is not light, not ergonomic, and there are no supports on the backside to give you a good grip of the system. My hands get pretty achey after an hour or so of gaming, which is a shame.

I legitimately miss this thing except for the battery life.


Overall, I knew I was going to pick it up eventually, and I thought that the portability + Breath of the Wild was worth it to make the purchase now. The problem is that now I am spoiled by the portability and I am going to be crying in a few weeks when Persona 5 releases and I can’t stuff my PS4 in my bag and take it with me the same way… First world problems :(.

Tips for anyone looking to take this with you for travels: buy a USB charging cable. Any USB type C charger should work, which is something I have to give Nintendo kudos for since they previously always seemed to make their own charging ports that required a separate cable. Secondly, power packs/banks are great things to take with you when you need some extra juice for anything with a USB charger at the airport/waiting for rides/etc.

Lastly, in case anyone was wondering, I grabbed my Switch off of 5miles the app for a markup of roughly $70 (after tax). Good luck to everyone else trying to grab one! Hopefully the production will increase appropriately soon.