Long overdue since I come here nearly every time I go to Ranch 99, but one of my regular spots in the DFW area :).

Fruitealicious is a chain of bubble tea shops in the DFW area. The one I frequent most is nestled inside a Ranch 99, a Chinese grocery store chain also everywhere in the DFW area.

Walk inside the front doors and Fruitealicious is directly to the left.

The menu at Fruitealicious is constructed so that you choose a base of tea (black, green, or chrysanthemum) and then a fruit flavor, thus creating “fruit tea.” In addition to these flavors, they also have some specialty tea flavors (Thai tea, black sugar milk tea, etc.) and smoothies (mocha, mango, etc.). Out of all of these, I particularly love the black sugar milk tea from Fruitealicious which isn’t offered at any of the other boba shops in the area. They drizzle a syrup made from Asian black sugar along the sides of the cup that adds to the standard milk tea flavor. If I had to relate Asian black sugar to something, I’d say it tastes most like malt, but it is its own thing.

My cup of black sugar milk tea. I like to order it at 75% sweetness with boba.

I also like the honey green tea and some of their weirder seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice milk tea. In general, the chain is highly recommended by me :).

A picture of the menu at Fruitealicious.

What I’ve tried: Milk tea, honey green tea, Jasmine milk tea, black sugar milk tea, pumpkin spice milk tea, strawberry black tea, and some others
Milk tea flavor: 4, the basic milk tea is pretty standard
Boba quality: 4.5, a bit on the harder end but still chewy
Recommendation: Love the black sugar milk tea. The other flavors are pretty standard. I haven’t tried the mangonado but I see that it’s pretty popular as well.