Awesome Games Done Quick is on this week! It’s one of my favorite Twitch events of the year. Game speedrunners get together to breeze through our favorite games 24/7, read out donation comments, showcase glitches, and sing Disney songs during the Kingdom Hearts run :).

If you’ve been tuning in, you might have heard donation incentives to “save the animals” or “kill the animals” and been wondering why half of the donators hate animals…just kidding. The incentive is referring to the end of Super Metroid, where the planet is about to explode. To save time, speedrunners typically skip over the option to save the animals, which is considered canon in the storyline but optional for the player. Thus, “kill the animals, save the frames” came into existence.

RIP animals.

The reason this is one of the biggest donation incentives is because one year the speedrunner was on world record pace until the final verdict came through, and he had to spend the extra time saving the animals. Since then, trolls have been absolutely determined to bomb the incentive last minute, dropping thousands of dollars during the Super Metroid run to tip the scales in one direction or another.

If you have been watching AGDQ 2017, remember to donate to this among other incentives! The event benefits the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and if I recall it raised over 1.5 million dollars last year. You can tune in to the stream at

#savetheanimals ;).