Well, it’s not bad. I would actually say it’s quite good. Just don’t go into this expecting the usual Final Fantasy experience. It’s definitely more action than RPG.

If you’ve checked out the demo or looked at any videos, you probably already know that FF15 is an action RPG more reminiscent of games like Kingdom Hearts. In fact, it may be even more action-oriented than Kingdom Hearts since it has so many quick time events that demand timely button inputs, and it punishes you pretty hard for making mistakes when challenging monsters higher than your level. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I picked this game up, but once I had gotten over my expectations, I started to enjoy what the game had to offer.


I’ll start with what’s good. The main characters are good. They banter like real friends, make jokes at each other, take photos and selfies along the trip, bromance it up, and so on. It makes the journey overall really enjoyable since you spend all your time in game with these guys.

Food gives your party stat boosts that they need to do well in quests.
Food fit for a prince xD

As far as gameplay goes, it honestly plays more like an action game than a RPG. There are quick time events that you have to hit to boost damage, and the combat itself is built around this balance between Brave and Default, anyone? offense and defense. Some encounters will be too overwhelming for the typical hack and slash tactics. You may have to use your environment, defend and take opportune openings, or regroup regularly to survive. There’s no shame in holding the square button until you find a good counter to push back a swarm of enemies. It might be the best way to handle a situation sometimes.

There are some random sidequests like gathering fish for a cat, who turns his nose up at it because it only likes cooked fish :).

I’m about 7 hours in, and as is typical for me with Final Fantasy games, I got completely sucked into the side quests.ย Therefore I can’t say much about the main storyline yet. It seems there is something serious going on between the kingdoms related to Crystals, as usual, but a lot of it seems like a jarring contrast to the upbeat, casual attitudes of Noctis and the gang.

Not sure if Metal Gear, Gundam, or Magitek Armor…

So yeah, I would suggest to stay away from this one if you’re seeking the traditional Final Fantasy experience or get frustrated easily with action games. World of Final Fantasy is the better choice if that’s what you’re looking for. But overall Final Fantasy 15 is proving to be an enjoyable game.

Fat baby chocobo ๐Ÿ™‚