I was nominated by pokeninja90 for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you! I feel like I’ve grown alongside my blog from the days when I started with 2 followers until now passing 50. These awards always make me sit back and reflect on the awesome people I’ve met and the experience I’ve had blogging thus far :D. It’s been a blast!


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I have two cat brothers named Sora and Riku (from Kingdom Hearts). As if guided by their video game counterparts, Riku ended up with the personality that seeks the unknown and Sora is the unsure, slightly timid follower. Also they slept a lot and Sora suddenly got stronger than Riku seemingly overnight ;). Below: Riku is the one with the pink nose and Sora is the one with the brown spot.


If you poked around my About page, you might already know this, but I’m a doctor! But I’m not that kind of doctor, which means that I sympathize a lot with the humor presented in PhD Comics. Still, it’s fun to receive letters addressed to me as Dr. Tran.


My bestie and I have grown up playing Pokemon since we were young. She and I always buy the opposite version of Pokemon so that we can trade version exclusives to each other. As if by fate, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl released matching our birth stones (April and June, respectively). We used our first paychecks in life to purchase those games along with DS Lites.



In addition to gaming, I’m also a huge fan of salsa dancing, snowboarding, cooking, crafting, anime, and science!


If I had to rank the Final Fantasy games in order of preference, I would go with FF9 > FF6 > FF10 > FF8 > FF5 > FF4 > FF7 > FF12 > FF14 > FF13. I never played 1-3 or 11. My theory has generally always been that the first Final Fantasy that you play through ends up being your favorite, and 9 was my first. However, I argue that 9 has one of the best character development in the Final Fantasy games, and feeling like the characters are so real and dear to me during the course of a game is really what makes them memorable. Books and TV shows, too.



The most tragic fictional death in my life was not Aerith’s, but Mufasa’s.



Purple is my favorite color.

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