For a long time, we (the players) have been saying that Legion will be the expansion that either saves WoW or completely kills the game.

Apparently the joke is on us, because Blizzard seems to have taken that to mean that they should literally kill everybody in the game.

RIP Tirion


RIP Varian


RIP Vol’jin #ForDaHorde2016 #neverforget



RIP Ysera ;_;. I actually got teary-eyed during this scene.


Aside from that, I think one of the coolest plot twists has been the reveal of [spoiler] another surviving member of the black dragonflight. [end spoiler]

One of my favorite parts of this expansion so far is the music. The soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal. I don’t understand why anyone would quest with their own music on…well okay I can kind of understand, but I think that they do such a good job crafting an atmosphere that people miss out when they don’t listen to the bgms. SO GOOD.

Probably my least favorite part of this expansion so far is the PVP, sadly, since that’s what I do most of in WoW :(. But I main resto druid and this video more of less summarizes the current state of the game:


Anyway, I think the expansion has potential. The lore is actually really engaging for maybe the first time in a few expansions. I’ve heard the raids are actually difficult. The PVP needs some balance, but the new arenas are pretty cool looking, and people have come back to horde from the overwhelming alliance numbers in last expansion! I just hope that we won’t see the drop-off in subscription numbers after the first two months like we did in Warlords.