I bought one of these bad boys a few weeks ago and thought I’d write a quick review on it. Overall positive!

Setting up:

The instructions are pretty straightforward, and it comes in major pieces already (seat, back, legs) that you put together. The only thing to note here is that I can’t imagine attaching the bottom piece to the bottom of the chair without a second hand to hold it in place. The thing is quite heavy, so it’d be hard to hold it up with one hand while placing the bolt in with the other. Otherwise I had it assembled within 20 minutes or so.


In terms of comfort, I’d give it a solid $220 value. It feels more or less like sitting in a nice sports car chair, which is great. Since I paid $289 for this chair including shipping, I’ll just attribute $69 to the shipping costs. The package arrived in about 2 days, and it was heavy so I imagine shipping must have been pricey. Overall I think it’s worth its value.


Now I sort of expected this to happen because my cats love computer chair mesh, but it was a whopping total of about 16 hours after construction before it already looked like this:

Photo Sep 07, 6 54 47 PM.jpg

And I finally realized how people can want to declaw their pets…but instead, I promptly ordered some soft paws and covered my chair in protection until it looked ridiculous like so:


But is still a great sit! Anyway, so far it’s been doing great except for typical pet people problems, so that’s a consideration in case you’re a pet person.

Overall satisfaction and other notes:

I don’t know why I waited 6 months into my lease to finally buy a computer chair, but it’s a great improvement over the old dining chair I had been sitting in before. So it gets a solid yay from me.

When I was poking around the internet for reviews, I noticed that most of the reviews were from guys claiming that the chair was big enough for them to fit comfortably. I wondered, then, how it would fit for a petite woman but decided to try it based on the dimensions it listed. I usually have the opposite problem in that the arm rests are too wide or the seat is too long so I don’t get a comfortable sit. The dimensions seem to work for me, as the chair is recommended for smaller customers, so I can say it’s a great gaming chair for petite women and men  :).

It looks to be a cat hair magnet (see picture above), but most chairs with this style of mesh are. I didn’t really want a leather seat since summers here in Texas are pretty hot, which leads to sweating and then sticking to the chair, so I opted for the mesh. I imagine the leather seats would feel as comfortable, though.

Anyway, in case anyone has been curious about these chairs, I think they are a good buy in case you want a comfortable gaming chair for hours of raiding or whatever you do  :). It seems there are more and more options out on the internet, but I think the DX Racer thus far is also the most affordable.

Thanks for reading!