I actually picked this up on release day, but I haven’t had a chance to sit down and play it yet until today. Thought I’d share pics of what comes included in the special edition box though :D.

Photo Jul 04, 1 58 15 PM
Special Edition box

Photo Jul 04, 1 58 56 PM

It comes with the game, DLC codes for costumes/maps/etc., a set of stickers of Tsubasa, Kiria, Itsuki, and Touma, a CD of the music from the game, and an artbook:

Photo Jul 04, 1 59 19 PM

I’m a huge fan of artbooks of games I like, and I took a bit of a leap of faith on Atlus here and assumed that I would love this game to death. So far it’s every bit as good as I expected (post to come soon), and I’m really happy with this purchase :). The nostalgia/fanservice for Fire Emblem is soooooo strong and I’m loving the Persona-like gameplay. The session gimmick is a pretty awesome addition that sort of reminds me of the link skills from Persona Q, except they’re far better executed this time around. I’ll post later with screenshots and videos from what I’ve played so far :D.