I moved at the end of February, so you know what that means–new home, new boba to check out! This one is kind of cheating since it’s between where I was staying last and where I moved to now, but it’s still good :).

In case you were wondering where I’ve been, I moved in February to a location closer to the job I started at the beginning of March. It’s been treating me well so far, but I’ve been pretty busy getting situated at home and at work, so a lot of other things have been set aside until I could get caught up.

Photo Mar 20, 12 50 50 PM
That store sign really doesn’t stand out at all. I feel like you hardly notice it even in this picture.

Boba Latte is located pretty close to Tapioca House, which I have already reviewed, but it’s in a different plaza which makes it pretty easy to miss. The sign is also pretty tiny, but I guess it’s got a pretty good reputation which helps out. These tiny bubble tea shops always seem to have the best bubble tea, after all ;).

I come here for one particular reason–it’s the only shop in the area (now) that offers Hong Kong style milk tea. I highly recommend getting it, as it’s delicious! I wasn’t sure how to feel initially when I got it the first time, as the taste of the tea is more like good Taiwanese milk tea, but the aftertaste seems more like Hong Kong style milk tea. It’s kind of weird to imagine, but that’s how I would describe it…

What I’ve tried: Hong Kong milk tea
Milk tea flavor: 4.75 (It’s really good, but I was a little confused by the flavor being different from what I was expecting).
Boba quality: 4
Recommendation: Drinks are pretty good, and it seems the blended drinks are also pretty popular. I’ve only really had the Hong Kong style milk tea, since I drive out this way specifically for it. It’s not a great place to hang out since it’s tiny, but at least it has good boba!