Following my last post with another Koyonplete cell phone novel listed as an otome game on smart phone devices. This time, I’m here to give you my opinion on Lured Into Your Trap!

I wrote last time on My Ex’s Brother – May I Love you and how it started out sounding like a bad porn-without-plot fanfiction. Well…this must be a Koyonplete thing because Lured Into Your Trap does the same thing. You’re a woman somewhere in your late twenties, and you live with your father and your 22-year-old adopted brother, Yuu. Yuu is a quiet, reserved guy who had a troubled past with his real father. If I remember correctly, you were neighbors with him when your father eventually decided to take him in and save him from the abusive household he grew up in.

So, obviously, this builds off of the pretty common shoujo/otome plot of the not-blood-related-brother turned live-in-lover.


Anyway, back to the sex :D! The story starts out with a flash to what seems to be the first time you slept with Yuu, which, confusingly enough, ultimately ends up taking place somewhere in the middle of the story. The protagonist seems to not understand why they’re sleeping together, which isn’t surprising since Yuu is extremely non-communicative and difficult to read. The story then jumps back to an earlier time before you two became lovers and tells the story starting from there.

I wasn’t really sure what to think of this cell phone novel through much of the first half. It’s got more art than My Ex’s Brother does, which is nice. The relationship between the protagonist and Yuu is a really awkward romance–oh hey you live here now because my father adopted you and I know you had an abusive, crappy history in your old house…and WHOOPS I accidentally walked in on you while you were showering because you like to shower with the lights off and the door unlocked SUDDEN SEXUAL TENSION. Okay now we’re secretly sleeping together and you tease me all the time while dad’s out but you never really said anything about feelings so maybe you’re just playing with me…

Oversexualizing men in video otome games.
Oversexualizing men in video otome games.

That pretty much summarizes the first chapters up until Chapter 8, where surprise feelings happened.

I initially thought Yuu was mostly just a horny male in his twenties, which is a normal thing, and that maybe he had secret feelings for the protagonist, but mostly he just couldn’t control his hormonal urges when he lived in the same place as the girl he fancied (don’t worry, the sex is always consensual). So when the explanation of his feelings and actions came out in Chapter 8, I was surprised how incredibly moved I felt by the writing.

Yuu's words had me like...
Yuu’s words had me like…


While My Ex’s Brother gave me all sorts of different feelings, Lured Into Your Trap mostly gave me just one feeling–that warm, fuzzy feeling that I get sometimes when I read a shoujo manga or watch a chick flick and reach that climactic moment where dreams of love really do come true! However, much of the story was full of odd translation moments and was generally forgettable. Still, if you’re a fan of romance movies and anime art and want these two things together, this is free for consumption!

3 Things I liked: 3 Things I disliked:
  1. Warm, fuzzy feelings.
  2. Nice art that was placed throughout the story.
  3. Still love reading and adding to comments that scroll on top.
  1. The storyline is a little confusing, and I didn’t realize that we had gone back in time until a little while later.
  2. Getting 30 gems is ugh.
  3. On the iPhone app, they use white text on a light pink background…not the best choice.

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