My Ex’s Brother – May I Love you is a cell phone novel listed as an otome game on smart phone devices. Don’t be confused–it’s strictly a cell phone novel, and there is no gaming element to it. Still, it provided me with enough entertainment that I am here to recommend it!

This game starts out sounding like a bad porn-without-plot fanfiction. You’re a young woman in her late twenties (I think?) who hasn’t been able to get over the love you last had. The guy left you seven years ago to go explore the world without notice, and you’ve been single since. One day while walking around town, you see someone who looks just like your ex-boyfriend. This lookalike then goes out drinking with you and you end up shacking up with him in a hotel that night. I’m pretty sure the first 50 pages or so are all sex (Woohoo!).

He's not a vampire, but he seems to like sucking on necks.
He’s not a vampire, but he seems to like sucking on necks.

Well you wake up the next day and (now sober) take the time to ask the guy who he is. He tells you that he’s your ex-boyfriend’s younger brother, which explains why he looks so much like him! After discussing your doubts with your best friend, she convinces you to keep seeing the guy anyway. The next five or so chapters then talk about your dates and how happy you are with your ex’s brother, and everything seems to be going well.

And then you hit Chapter 8 and things suddenly get real.

Let me say I was not in this for the story until Chapter 8 suddenly took me off guard. The writing is mediocre at best, the art is practically nonexistent, there’s not enough sex after Chapter 1…oh, but the music is pretty nice. Anyway, I was more entertained by the comment feeds (that you can also add to) scrolling across the top of the screen as I read through some awkward translation moments and surprisingly descriptive sex scenes. And then BAM! Feels.


And not just one kind of feeling. It started with anger and shock. Then there was frustration with the protagonist for making poor life choices. And then there was the heartwarming feel. It was at this point that I felt the novel suddenly went from cheap fanfic to quality shoujo manga. Trying not to spoil anything, I was expecting drama to unfold as is typical of the genre, but they made I’m-the-better-person decisions and it sort of blew me away. These are the sorts of mature reactions I expect to see in real-life marriages, not free cell phone novels.


I think this won’t satisfy most people. But if you are A) a fan of shitty movie nights, B) into the social media thing that the comment feeds provide, and C) like unexpected developments that are not common in the shoujo/otome genre, this cell phone novel may be for you. It seems like this isn’t a unique case, either, because Lured Into Your Trap (by the same company) also swept me with feels at Chapter 8 (review to come soon!).

It’s free, so if you’re even partly intrigued I’d give it a shot.

3 Things I liked: 3 Things I disliked:
  1. Sudden turn of events at Chapter 8 onward.
  2. Fanfiction-quality porn.
  3. The comments. Some of them are laugh-out-loud worthy.
  1. Very little CG art. Most of it shows up later in the story
  2. Getting 30 gems is infuriating.
  3. The ex-boyfriend is a dick. Younger brother is way better. Good job protagonist!

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