Video Gains: A Man’s Guide for Game Music at the Gym

I was excited about this post both because of the nostalgic old goodies it mentions, and also because someone else is excited enough about video game music to make a blog post about it! I tend to listen to video game music while working at my computer, but if it pumps you up for a good workout then that’s awesome.

Kreative Kitchen: Deku Nuts

Oh. My. God. I need to make these. I love peanut butter chocolate cookies. I love Zelda. The colors are backwards from what the deku nuts look like in game, so maybe I’ll attempt to reverse the flavors in the cookie sandwich. Chocolate cookies with peanut butter middle? Mmmmm.

Otome Gamer’s Guide to Working Out (BYFWM!)

I’ve seen this otome game app on the iTunes store, but I don’t work out (and hate doing so), so I didn’t download it ^_^;. I’m more of a sports and dancing sort of person than a gym person. Still, I’ve been curious what the game is like and this blog provides a nice review of the app!

Romance Story Apps and Ratings pt1

I think I’ve mentioned to many of the people following this blog that I haven’t played the Voltage games, but here’s someone who has! I do really like the Voltage game artwork, but I feel like they use the same archetypes in every game, so I haven’t felt the need to experience more than one route. Maybe one day…