Cassis has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, it just hasn’t kept up with the competitors in its area.

Let me begin with the things that Cassis does right. The milk tea here is pretty good, and the boba is decent. They are the only place in the area that froths the milk tea by blending it vigorously, so if you are a fan of the style this is one of the places to go. They have karaoke on a weekly basis, plenty of space to hang out, and board games to play.

Located in the same plaza as Cici's and Taco Bueno.
Located in the same plaza as Cici’s and Taco Bueno.

The problem is that they fall short of their competitors because of their somewhat expensive pricing, small sizes, and lack of updated interiors.

When bobaLand and BAMBU are just down the road, and their drinks are even slightly cheaper for a much larger size, it’s just hard to recommend Cassis these days. I still drop by on the occasion that I want lavender milk tea and am in the area, but other than that I rarely stop in. On the occasions that I have, I haven’t seen any other customers around. It’s sad because I remember the days when they used to be more popular, but they just haven’t kept up.

What I’ve tried: Milk tea, lavender milk tea
Milk tea flavor: 3.5
Boba quality: 3 (bland and a little tough)
Recommendation: I’d recommend this place if you’re looking specifically for artificially flavored teas or frothy milk teas in this area.