Posts I liked this week:

Mega Charizard Y

Saw this cool sketch of Charizard Y on my reader and had to give it a like! I collect quite a bit of Pokemon fanart to use as rotating wallpapers for my desktop…

Teslagrad – Review

I overlook a lot of free games I get from Playstation Plus every month. There’s something about having to make space to download and play them that creates an energy barrier that stops me from doing so. Combine that with the small amount of press some indie games get, and I’ll probably never get around to playing them. I think this one review has changed my mind about Teslagrad, at least.


I’d seen this game around on review websites, but I don’t think I’d read any of the reviews until now. I think this game will probably be too scary for me (I am about as pansy as anyone can get), but I’m interested in giving it a shot whenever I can find it on sale now.