This new store called Java Land opened up right next to the old school establishment Tapioca House in Richardson. I’d heard from my friends that it was the “cooler, newer” place to hang out, but I hadn’t decided to stop in until this evening. I’m happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their drinks!

I initially took a look at the menu and saw no trace of bubble tea on it…so I asked the worker behind the counter about it, and they said that they could add boba to anything on the menu. Excellent. I asked for black tea with boba to start out with, while my friend ordered a matcha green tea blend with boba. They handed me a black milk tea. Hmm.

I was prepared to be disappointed with the usual sand-flavor milk tea, but I was pleasantly surprised to taste the better version of milk tea. I wouldn’t say that it’s among the best that I’ve tasted, but it had an actual tea flavor to it, which is good. They definitely err on the side of having more milk than tea, which is not my preference, but it’s not a bad thing. My friend was happy with her matcha green tea, and we shared a box of madeleines, which were pretty good too.

Located just right of Tapioca House.
Located just right of Tapioca House.

The interior design is trendy and looks quite good. I can definitely see why the younger Asians think of this as the new place to hang out. The menu also has a nice selection of floral teas, which is something I’ll have to try in the future, and you can order them in a pot to share (seemingly placed over a candle to keep warm).

What I’ve tried: Milk tea, matcha green tea blend
Milk tea flavor: 4
Boba quality: 3.5 (they are not the soaked in sugar/honey kind, so they’re a little bland)
Recommendation: I would recommend it over Tapioca House, which is right next door, if you are looking for milk tea flavors, coffee flavors, or a place to hang out. Otherwise, I still prefer Tapioca House’s tea and boba.