I love me some Persona! To me, the series is a lot like Kingdom Hearts–you can put out the most ridiculous spin-off titles, and I’ll still throw money at it. That’s how much I love these characters. As excited as I am about Persona 5, I still don’t want to see the end of the Persona 3 & 4 era.

Photo Sep 29, 5 55 34 PM

Sora and Riku (my cats) sensed my excitement and came over to see what was going on.

Photo Sep 29, 5 58 51 PM

Took everything out of the box! There is so much Teddie/Kuma in this set xD.

Photo Sep 29, 5 59 09 PM

First we’ve got some stickers of Teddie/Kuma from the game. The Elvis outfit is hilarious.

There’s an audio CD with the tracks from the game! I love the Persona 4 soundtrack. YOUR AFFECTIONNNNN. YOUR AFFECTIONNNNN.

A bear-y golden Teddie/Kuma keychain.

A pouch to carry your PS Vita in. It’s got a little section inside for carrying games, it looks like.

Photo Sep 29, 6 02 50 PM

And a skin for the PS Vita! Though, truthfully I was a little disappointed that this didn’t come with a back, and that the skin doesn’t have any characters on it :(.

I also got a couple cards with DLC codes on it, which I’m not posting here for obvious reasons. One of them did provide a link to game-themed wallpapers, so I thought I’d share those here with you guys :).

So far, the visual novel aspect of the game is similar to how it was in Arena/Ultimax. It has more decision-making, though, and I’m not sure how that will affect the outcomes of the game. It’s interspersed with rhythm game stages, which remind me a lot of the Hatsune Miku game for the Vita. I only wish they had been more clever about their coloring of the rhythm cues, since the yellow tends to blend in with the background. I also thought I’d be bothered by Rise’s voice actress switch to Rei’s voice actress from Persona Q (the original voice actress couldn’t find time), but she actually does quite a good job of filling in the role! I’m so happy that the voice actors Atlus picked for Persona 4 seem to really care about authenticity of the characters they portray :). I’m a Japanese audio sort of person, but the dub on these games are pretty good, in my opinion.

Anyway, I’m SUPER HYPED to play this game so I’ll get back to it :D.