Shall We Date? Blood in Roses+ <– Yup, that’s the full title. It’s a mobile otome game by NTT Solmare Corp. that is built on the free to download and play model, but pay more and we’ll give you more sexy vampire lady porn romance scenes!

It’s not amazing, but it’s not bad, either. At the hard-to-pass-up cost of Free, you can’t really go wrong.

The story begins with you, the protagonist, being chased by a pair of handsome men in a hotel/restaurant. It turns out (unsurprisingly) that these two men are actually a pair of vampires, and they want to sink their teeth in you! They eventually catch up to you and drink some of your blood, which in this world means you begin turning into a vampire. That also means that they can’t let you back out into the regular world, so you stay to work in the hotel/restaurant.

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You’re not particularly thrilled about turning into a vampire, but a talking cat tells you that there is a way to reverse the effects from happening. If you can find the special rose garden before you turn into a vampire, you can go back to being a regular human. Or rather, you go back to being a human witch, since you are actually a descendent of a very famous witch. So this ends up being your goal for the course of the game.

You get to choose who will be your suitor for your playthrough. At the moment, Alfred, Rupert, and Jack routes are released.

General gameplay tips (spoiler-free):

  1. Dude, there are some HIGH requirements at each of these checkpoints. If you don’t want to pay money, log in regularly to do the rose contests and gather tokens.
  2. You receive one free chapter ticket every 4 hours.
  3. I find the decisions to stay in character if you want to go for the moon or sun endings. For example, I choose all the tsundere-y sounding answers for the moon ending, lol.
Mmm vampires.
Mmm vampires.

You can play this game entirely free, but I think you miss out on all the CG art if you don’t pay for any of the premium content. That means it’s all up to you to imagine the sexy vampire scenes that are written in text. You get a little preview of what the scenes will look like if you pay for them each time you run into a test. By the way, these requirements are quite high in comparison to some other games. I log into these games regularly throughout the day to use up my character stamina for lessons, but I still can’t keep up with these tests as I reach them.

However, while you are waiting for your tokens to build up, you can read the side stories using the chapter tickets you have. Unfortunately, these side stories seem to have some spoilers for the main plotline, so that sort of bothered me. They do tend to jump straight into steamy scenes, though, which is a plus :D.

Dressing up in Blood in Roses+. I feel like everything in this picture is so me: purple eyes, lab coat, cat wallpaper...
Dressing up in Blood in Roses+. I feel like everything in this picture is so me: purple eyes, lab coat, cat wallpaper…

My favorite part of the game right now has to be the fashion. While the game hurdles are high, collecting limited-time fashion pieces is relatively easy. Right now they are doing an event based on the number of jewels you can collect, and you get jewels from pretty much everything you do in game.


Eh, it’s an alright game. If it weren’t free, I’d say to pass on it, but since it is there’s no harm done. I definitely enjoy it as a dress up simulator more than a vampire otome game, but it has both. The writing is better than most other cell phone otome games, which is a nice plus, but don’t expect anything on par with console releases. I am only about halfway through Jack’s storyline, so perhaps there’s something exciting waiting at the end of the game? Then again, maybe not.

3 Things I liked: 3 Things I disliked:
  1. Clothes. Easy clothes. Pretty clothes.
  2. Vampires are always nice.
  3. Writing is decent, and the translation isn’t awkward or full of misspellings.
  1. No CG art unless you pay for things.
  2. Steep requirement hurdles.
  3. Game can be slow to load sometimes. Not sure exactly how much data is being transferred/required.

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