Here are some posts I found in my reader and liked this week.

To pay or not to pay…Free to Play vs Paid Games

I talk a lot about otome games on my blog, but I haven’t really talked about the money required to play them. This post is so true! A lot of otome games on the phone are free to play, but to get the porn for women “romance scenes” you have to fork over some cash for coins or other form of in-game currency… Generally, my being poor will keep me from doing so, so I resist, but the porn premium scenes are sometimes so tempting T_T.

When Did Assassin’s Creed stop being fun?

It stopped being fun when the modern day storyline died. I sort of forced my way through AC3, which was buggy but not terrible, and then dropped the series once and for all midway through Black Flag. Up until Black Flag, it felt like there was a method to the madness. It’s become one of those I’ve been hurt before by the disappointment and I won’t fall for the same trick again kind of situations now LOL. The Ezio trilogy will always be some of my favorite games, though.

COLLAR x MALICE ~Introduction~

Because otome games are hard to come by in English, a lot of blogs put a lot of effort into translating and summarizing the plotlines. However, my instinct to avoid spoilers is quite strong and I hold out on reading them in case there is a chance the game will ever be translated. I liked this blog post because it talks about an upcoming game, so it’s spoiler-free! This game looks good and I hope it might eventually be considered for translation.

And that’s it for this week :D. Let’s see if I can turn this into a recurring Friday event.