Tapioca House. I’d be surprised if you’re a boba fan in Texas and you haven’t heard of them. They were one of the original bubble tea locations that popped up in the DFW metroplex before 2006, and their longevity in the area speaks to the quality of the drinks they produce. 

Tapioca House served boba before it was cool, and they used to be a store where I would need to bust out my limited Chinese to order. They’ve definitely changed owners multiple times over the time that they’ve been around, but the quality of their boba has always been excellent. While Taiwan Cafe (review to be added later) is the standard for my “good” milk tea flavor, Tapioca House has always been my standard for “good” quality boba.

Their tea flavors are great and they have a good balance of ice to tea to boba. They’re also one of the few establishments that offer both a regular and a large size, which is nice. I’m not a huge fan of their milk tea flavors, however, and their coffee isn’t quite as good as Bambu’s. Overall, though, I still like to drop by this place whenever I’m in the area. This is one of the places where I like to pick up honey green tea, since their formula tastes delicious (Fruitealicious is the other place I go for honey green tea).

What I’ve tried: Milk tea, black tea, honey green tea, jasmine tea, Vietnamese coffee
Milk tea flavor: 3.5
Boba quality: 5
Recommendation: It’s one of the original boba stores, and I can always suggest it to anyone looking for boba.