Persona 5 has been delayed to 2016 *cries*, but it’s okay because I trust you, Atlus. And I can wait longer because I’m sure that this title will be absolutely amazing. (Also, I’m still unemployed so that gives me longer to find an adequate income…)

So from my limited understanding of Japanese, here’s what I’m picking out from the trailer:

0:00 – 0:15: Something about what should we do, then it’s okay just keep running, hurry.

1:00: Something about strange school, and then they walk into what seems to be the shadow world (didn’t catch the name)

1:15: He’s saying a lot about the main character’s heart, then says he’s “NOT A CAT. I AM MORGANA.”

1:40: All I caught was “heart” and “phantom thief,” and then something about the heart’s mask. It looks like the masks represent the personas in this game, much like the tarot cards in Persona 4.

2:00: She says something about not being a human, being the worst devil. The guy says “Wait!”

Everything after 3:00 seems to set up the main characters as anti-heroes, which I’m totally hyped about! It looks like they’re being misunderstood by the police and so on, which is sort of along the lines of what happened in Persona 4, but since they don’t have Dojima they don’t have anyone to protect them? And it sounds like there are people yelling that it’s the masked people’s fault.