Hooray Midnight Cinderella Nico’s route just came out ^_^. If all goes well with the end of Alyn’s route (which I’m doing now), I should be able to start it tomorrow. I have high expectations for our (shotacon?) butler. Much kawaii. Hopefully a secret sex god :D?

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I went looking for a walkthrough in Japanese since there isn’t an English one yet, and I found one! I’m mainly posting this here for my reference and hopefully any others who may be looking for a guide. I’ll fill in the English answers as I get to the scenes :).

Nico Walkthrough:

Part 1:

A. Honey: I took Nico’s hand.
B. Keep: I nodded.
C. Sugar: I whispered, “I’d like to go.”

A. Keep: I feel better already.
B. Sugar: I’ll do my best.
C. Honey: Thank you.

Click for CG art.

Part 2:

A. Sugar: I wouldn’t be tasty. (Me: LOL)
B. Honey: Stop teasing me!
C. Keep: As if you could!

Royal Challenge:
Sweet Pink Meringue Dress +50 Beauty
Coins Required: 300
Long Dark Red Skirt +20 Beauty
Coins Required: 100 or
Bells required: 3500

A. Honey: I guess
B. Sugar: Nico–
C. Keep: Thank you

Part 3:

A. Honey: I stared at him
B. Sugar: I sighed softly
C. Keep: I started to speak

A. Sugar: I leaned closer to Chirol.
B. Honey: I patted Chirol on the head.
C. Keep: I offered Chirol a walnut.

Part 4:

A. Honey: Well, I–
B. Sugar: It’s okay, Nico.
C. Keep: Yes, it will.

A. Sugar: I grabbed his arms.
B. Keep: I stared up at him.
C. Honey: I collapsed into his arms.

Royal Challenge: 2500 Grace
Gift: Gold Makeup Compact (This thing looks like Sailor Moon’s brooch!)

Part 5:

A. Honey: I placed my hand on his arm.
B. Sugar: I put my hand over his hand.
C. Keep: Thank him again.

A. Sugar: What a coincidence.
B. Keep: You startled me!
C. Honey: You’re right. We did!

(Alright. Nico is officially my favorite path so far. Was not expecting that.)

Part 6:

A. Honey: I tickled his ribs.
B. Sugar: I touched his ears.
C. Keep: I touched his neck.


Royal Challenge:
Peach-Brown Wavy Hair +80 Beauty
Coins Required: 400
Poppy Red Pixie Cut +25 Beauty
Coins Required: 150 or
Bells required: 5000

A. Sugar: “It’s because of the bath.”
B. Honey: I nodded silently.
C. Keep: “It’s because of you.”

Part 7:

A. Honey: Thank you!
B. Keep: See you later!
C. Sugar: Goodbye!  (This was listed as sugar, but I got a Keep or Honey result…)

A. Sugar: “Is that you?” (Hm, either my game is glitched or this is also a Keep or Honey result)
B. Keep: I looked around.
C. Honey: I started running forwards.

Part 8:

A. Keep: I gripped his hand.
B. Sugar: I stroked his forehead.
C. Honey: I wiped away his sweat.

Royal Challenge:
Princess Bonnet and Ribbon Shoes +80 Beauty
Coins Required: 400
Mocha Brown Headband and Shoes Set
Coins Required: 150 or
Bells required: 5000

A. Honey: I wiped the tear away.
B. Sugar: I stroked his forehead.
C. Keep: I gripped him tighter.

Part 9:

A. Sugar: I replied to Giles.
B. Honey: I glanced up at Nico.
C. Keep: I balled my hands into fists.

Royal Challenge: 6500 Grace
Gift: Red Traveling Suitcase +30 Beauty

A. Honey: “I feel the same.”
B. Sugar: “Then don’t leave me.”
C. Keep: “I understand.”

Part 10:

A. Sugar: I nodded.
B. Keep: “I want him.”
C. Honey: “Yes, I do.”

Royal Challenge:
Princess Bonnet and Ribbon Shoes +100 Beauty
Coins Required: 500
Natural Pale Green Dress +50 Beauty
Coins Required: 300 or
Bells required: 8000

A. Honey: “I don’t know.”
B. Keep: “Well, um…”
C. Sugar: “Why do you want to know?”

Honey route:

Part 11:

A. Honey: “I’ve heard that too.”
B. Keep: “I’ve never heard of that.”
C. Sugar: “I think you heard wrong.” (Um. Again no movement in my bar. Maybe my game is glitched.)

A. Keep: Are you okay?
B. Sugar: “We can talk about it later.”
C. Honey: “You don’t have to…”

Part 12:

A. Keep/Honey: I stroked his hair.
B. Keep/Honey: I touched his cheek.
C. Sugar: I touched his ear.

Royal Challenge: 13500 Grace
Gift: Cuddly Chirol +60 Beauty

A. Sugar: “But why?”
B. Keep/Honey: “Geez, Nico!”
C. Keep/Honey: “You’re kidding, right?”

Part 13:

A. Sugar: “Nico!!”
B. Honey: “Welcome home, Nico!”
C. Keep: “I’m not dreaming, am I?”

Click here to see Nico honey ending outfit picture. Spoilers.

Royal Challenge:
Flower Garden Dress +180 Beauty
Coins Required: 900
Modern Apricot Dress +100 Beauty
Coins Required: 500 or
Bells required: 20000

A. Honey: “Yeah, it did.”
B. Keep: “C’mon, Nico.”
C. Sugar: “I can’t even tell.”

Sugar route:

Part 11:

C. Honey

A. Keep
B. Honey
C. Sugar

Part 12:

A. Honey
B. Sugar
C. Keep

A. Keep
B. Honey
C. Sugar

Part 13:

A. Honey
B. Keep
C. Sugar

C. Honey

Special Ending:

It looks like the secret ending is through the honey route, so it probably requires at least 20,000 grace like the other secret endings. I haven’t confirmed this.


イケメン王宮◆真夜中のシンデレラ攻略wiki: I found the answers on this site. Looks like there’s another route that will probably get translated later too ^_^.