Midnight Cinderella is an app by CYBIRD designed for smartphone devices that is an otome game! And the best part? It (can be) entirely free to play!

I decided to check out otome games on my iPhone one day because there are so many of them, but it was clear from the few that I tried that the quality and content is generally smaller than the console games I have played. However, Midnight Cinderella turned out to be surprisingly fun to keep up with, and the story is generally interesting (although frequently cliché). I also expected it to be childish based on the artwork, but the creators aren’t afraid to write sex scenes. Also, if you’re wondering what the Ikémen part is, it means “good-looking” guy characters.

The Midnight Cinderella top screen.
The Midnight Cinderella top screen.

Midnight Cinderella begins with you, the protagonist, who slipped into the castle looking for a specific flower to give one of the students you tutor. You run into each of the prospective suitors and eventually run into Giles, who sees you and appoints you as the new elected princess of Wysteria. After seeing that the king is deathly ill, you decide that you want to take up this new responsibility and become a good fit for the role.

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However, you remember that you made a promise to your student, and now that you are princess elect you are unable to fulfill that promise. That evening, you decide to slip out of the castle to meet your student and let him/her(?) know that you can no longer bring the flower, when someone catches you in the act.

You then get to choose who it is that catches you, and you then play through that suitor’s storyline.

General gameplay tips for those who don’t want to know anything about the game:

  1. Your stamina recharges over real time, so open the app every now and then to use it up in princess or ballroom lessons. During the game you will meet certain blocks where you need a certain amount of grace to pass.
  2. Decisions will affect whether you get a sugar or honey ending, and if you fulfill certain parameters you will get a secret ending.
  3. Save the bells that you earn from princess lessons/daily bonuses. You will need to purchase clothing items from the store to continue the story at points.
  4. Send out friend invitations, and follow with a letter to make sure they see it in their news. Every day you will be able to greet your friends, earning 20 bells per person.
  5. You receive 5 free chapter tickets a day.
  6. Doing the events will allow you to earn limited time clothing items, among other things.
The CG artwork from Alyn's path.
The CG artwork from Alyn’s path.

Midnight Cinderella is a text-based game. You read through text and make one decision per set of 5 chapters. These decisions will affect what ending you get. You also get one CG art in each route at the beginning of the character’s route. The CG art is actually quite pretty, and it’s clear that the artist drew these characters with much attention to detail.

You can play this game entirely free. If you are patient enough to wait for the chapter tickets to reload every day and are careful about spending your bells, you will be able to proceed through the storyline without problems. However, the game promises what appears to be steamier romance scenes if you are willing to pay for premium items, although I have yet to pay for anything so I don’t know how they compare. The game is rated M17+! I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration, since the textual sex scenes tend to end just as things are getting hot, and there is no explicit artwork or swearing.

Sometimes, when you do lessons, your character shows up naked LOL.
Sometimes, when you do lessons, your character shows up naked LOL.

There are also events throughout the year that provide additional story content for you to read, and other goals to achieve with friends you can make in game. Currently, a Snow White-based event is going on, and the rewards include a limited-time outfit that my character is wearing.

Recommendation? I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this game, although don’t expect anything crazy for a game that is free. Some of the writing is pretty good. Other times, it gets pretty cliché and begins to sound like a fanfic. It is limited by the number of things you can do in a day, and I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who likes to blaze through their otome games. It does, however, make a nice little 15 minute daily distraction. The outfits are pretty cute and fun to collect, too! Overall, I think it’s a fun otome app to keep around, and it’s nice that the creators update it regularly. I’ll likely write up reviews of the character routes later, as I complete them.

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