I still don’t have a current gen system, so I haven’t gotten a lot of hands-on time with the game and am avoiding the internet so that I won’t see any spoilers. My brother, however, does have the game and an Xbox One, so I got to at least play through the prologue since I went over to visit for the holiday weekend. And now for a word vomit of first impressions!

Holy hell the brutality of getting murdered.

Man butts…naked man butts everywhere.

I’m totally digging the red hair on this Psycho Mantis character.

OCELOT…is not as fun to talk to as Otacon.

I swear if I have to lose ANOTHER horse in gaming…

Why do they wake up from stun so quickly? I can’t kill people anymore because I’ve been forever traumatized by The Sorrow.

I wish I knew Russian.

Damn you Xbox and Nintendo for using XABY buttons in all the wrong places. Especially X. Can’t all 3 systems just agree on a location for X?