Bobaland (stylized bobaLand) is one of the more new-age boba shops in town. It seems to be a popular place for students to hang out after school, and it offers free wi-fi. It has some of your usual bubble tea flavors: black tea, jasmine tea, and coffee. However, it specializes in having unique, one-of-a-kind drinks that are actually pretty good!

One of the drinks they offer is called a Red Galaxy. It’s composed of black tea, strawberries, basil seeds, and lychee jelly. Overall, it tastes like a fruity tea mix. They have other fruity tea concoctions which are all sweet, crisp, and unique tastes. You won’t find these specific mixes anywhere else, and they’re all worth trying!

I will note that this is a Vietnamese boba shop. That means that you can also find mung bean smoothies, Vietnamese coffee, and sea cream (yum!). Their Vietnamese drink menu isn’t as varied as other shops like Bambu, but they also have their own unique drinks inspired by traditional Vietnamese dessert drinks. I typically only go to pick up black tea with boba or jasmine tea with boba, but the other drinks are good as well. I will say that I’m not fond of their milk tea, as it is some of the usual pre-mixed milk tea that tastes kind of like sand to me. Their jasmine milk tea is better.

What I’ve tried: Milk tea, black tea, jasmine milk tea, jasmine tea, jasmine tea with sea cream, Red Galaxy, Sunkiss
Milk tea flavor: 3
Boba quality: 4.5
Recommendation: Generally recommended, especially if you’re in the mood for a fruit tea.