Starting off my first review with one of my favorite boba shops: Champion Snack.

While I was growing up in Plano, there were only a few boba shops in town. They mainly only served “milk tea” flavor, which would either be the traditional Taiwanese milk tea flavor or the Hong Kong style milk tea. But something happened in the early 2000s, and “bubble tea” exploded into a pop culture drink seemingly overnight. Bubble tea shops started serving fruity flavors, made smoothies, and provided flavored boba. However, much to my dismay, they also began to serve this new style of pre-mixed “milk tea” that, in my opinion, tasted like sand. Nowadays, you can find this sort of bubble tea shop pretty much anywhere.

Champion Snack is like the little hero that resists going with the flow and sticks to their old, tried and true, traditional recipes.

When I traveled to Beijing earlier this year, I found a boba shop next to my hotel that brewed the tea fresh on order. This meant waiting about 10 minutes or so for my bubble tea, but the milk tea was so good it was totally worth it. Champion Snack does the same–they brew the tea fresh on order–and it makes all the difference.

Another cool thing about the store is that they serve more of the “Asian” flavors, rather than the new trendy smoothie flavors. I think they might actually be the only store in Plano that offers rose milk tea, a flavor that I only really saw while abroad. They also ask if you would prefer more tea flavor or more milk flavor (I always go for more tea flavor), and can adjust sweetness as desired.

One small thing to note about this store–there is no sign! It’s located in this discreet little building to the right of the Aldi, next to Shabu-Shabu, at the crossroads of Coit and Park. There’s a small sign that shows their working hours (they’re closed on Tuesday), and that’s about it. You’ll walk in and see preserved meats on sale, along with some other imported items. Their boba menu is located on their glass display case. I’ll have to remember to snap a picture of it later, along with a picture of the building, and edit it into this blog post.

Edits 9/6/2015:

This is where the store is located, just right of Mr. Shabu Shabu.
This is where the store is located, just right of Mr. Shabu Shabu.

And last but not least, here are a few quick number ratings (scale of 1-5):
What I’ve tried: Milk black tea with boba, rose milk tea with boba
Milk tea flavor: 4.5
Boba quality: 4
Recommendation: Absolutely! This is my favorite stop for good bubble milk tea in Plano.